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Electronics Product Development Services

In these difficult times funding an entire R&D department may not be desirable or even possible, but, product development to stay competitive must continue, right? 

With our help you can effectively outsource some, or all, of your R&D, production test, product support and servicing requirements to suit your business model. 

Having trouble selling outside your domestic market?  Inter-Asia-Tech can help with that too.

Why us?

We have a service of unique quality and flexibility.  Inter-Asia-Tech is an electronics product design consultancy with access to engineers of the highest calibre with a proven track record.  We can take over all the management and design overhead or alternatively supplement your existing team enabling you to concentrate on the search for new business.

If you are a European manufacturer looking to reduce cost whilst maintaining the highest quality standards or an Asian manufacturer looking for new markets, we would like to hear from you.

Our services are totally flexible and will be tailored to meet your needs.  From a full product design service, process flow improvements or test support Inter-Asia-Tech can provide you with a cost effective solution.